The First Class Meeting in the First Snow of NAU
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Our first class meeting is carried out in the first snow of NAU, this determines the special significance to the class meeting. Class committee prepared for the class meeting for a long time, from the class meeting planning to classrooms decorating ,from the PPT design to activities selecting, which are repeatedly modified in order to let the classmates enjoy the class meeting better, know each other faster, therefore form a united family.


Prof. Chen's wonderful explanation of IAEP program let the classmates have a deeper understanding of our major and be more clear to our career goal in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere . Since we have the ability to become the few IAEP students in the class, it would be more capable for us in the future study to achieve the higher level, and reach more outstanding achievements. Come on!


After hearing Prof. Chen's wonderful explanation, let's listen to the monitor's funny voice .Initiated by Monitor Qin,classmates made their introductions one by one, some of which are brilliant, some funny and some showed a composed temperature.Classmates getting acquainted with some real study partners, the freezing classroom seemed warm and sweet .

Then,the monitor ,with a strange accent , fully demonstrated his profound literary accomplishment and firm belif of serving class. And activities committee election will further optimize the class committee organization structure, better services for students, win honor for our class.


However, while we prepared for the class meeting deliberately, but it remained a series of problems. Such as failing to make sign-in preparation and timely notification, just using the blank paper to deal with; The classroom air conditioning fault also let the students a great deal of suffering;the wonderful content had taken hastily owing to the time limit etc. This indicates that our work is far from enough, so we will pay attention to the improvement of communication and coordination between class committee, to make classmates enjoy the more wonderful, more enjoyable activities.