The First Piece of Snow——The first class meeting of IAEP Class 2
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Snow kept falling down outside the window. Today, on November 23rd, Nanjing Audit University ushered in the first snow of the winter, and students in IAEP Class 2 also ushered in the first class meeting since admission. This meeting we invited the IAEP professional department director of Nanjing Audit University, Professor Chen Yanjiao, IAEP Class 2 professional tutor, Dr. Yang Jing, and the outstanding student in IAEP project, Ji Li, to share with us.


In the meeting, Prof. Chen thoroughly introduced the relevant information about the IAEP project and the huge achievements Nanjing Audit University achieved since the establishment of IAEP profession in 2007. All of the students took much pride in our major and were deeply inspired. At the same time, Profession Chen gave us a detailed introduction and analysis on the scheme and international communication project. In the end, Prof. Chen made some guidance aimed at further education, studying abroad and employment so that we could have a clear direction and goal of the plan for the four years of university and development in the future, feeling no longer confused.


Dr. Yang told us a story in The Odyssey Homer that Odysseus fights against the temptation of the song from the demon on the reef and lead the staff successfully get through the island, which told us to well deal with the relationship between present self and future self. The future self is always powerless against what we are doing now, so when we want to achieve a certain goal, self- discipline tend to be of much significance. Then, through the example of the famous writer ,Yan Geling, teacher Yang expressed her hope that we should have a commitment mechanism to ourselves and learn more knowledge with a spirit of self-discipline to strive to be what we want to be in the future .Teacher Yang ‘s gentle encouragement made everyone‘s heart full of warmth.


Interestingly, Ji Li senior also stressed the importance of self-discipline to everyone through a humorous cartoon. As a senior, Ji Li shared a lot of learning suggestions and practical learning methods with us and made detailed answers to many academic questions which confused us a lot. Ji Li’s great sense of humor made the whole class full of laughter.


Although it was very cold, the students were full of enthusiasm. As time went by, the class meeting draw to the end, but we students were lost in it. This class meeting allowed students to better understand each other, our teacher and our major. Professor Chen said that we are lucky, for IAEP project in Nanjing Audit University provides a broad and high-quality platform for us to pursue our own dreams. And we will certainly live up to our teachers and school , struggling for more glories for IAEP and striving to become a better self.