*News Report on Visiting Practice Tutors and Conducting Survey in Power Construction Corporation of China
发布时间: 2016-02-04 浏览次数: 73

On the morning of Jan.18, 2016, Prof. Wang xuerong and Prof. Chen Yanjiao of Nanjing Audit University (hereinafter referred to as NAU), with their students, paid a visit to Power Construction Corporation of China ( hereinafter referred to as PCCC) as well as conducted a survey and had a heat discussion with Prof. You of National Auditing Administration, Vice Secretary of PCCC Mr. Zhao, Vice Director of Auditing Department of Overseas Investment Corp. Mr. Yang, Vice Minister of Auding Department of PCCC Mrs. Wang and Prof. Zhang of Beijing Jiaotong University.

In the beginning, Mr. Yang showed warm welcome to the teachers and students and expressed his concerns for present status and future development of our University. Mr. Zhao pointed out that, under the current circumstances, especially in order to actively implement “go global” strategy, central enterprises urgently needed a large number of talents form universities who are equipped with professional knowledge and also good at English.

Later, Mr. Zhao gave a detailed introduction of the history, core profitability and business level of PCCC. He said that PCCC founded Overseas Investment Corp., through which they could introduced advanced water conservancy and hydropower technology to other countries. He also pointed that they conducted overseas investment was not only for its own growth, but for promoting the development of the power industry, so as to bring out capital, technology, products and brand of China to the whole world. Mr. Yang introduced organization, staff, business of Auditing Department of Overseas Investment Corp., and modestly put that their internal auditing work still had a long way to go and needed the professional support from academic society. Prof. Chen also gave an introduction about faculty of Internal Audit Department, the major of Internal Audit and IAEP Project of our university.

After short discussions and communications, both sides focused on the research project “Auditing on Chinese Overseas Investment” sponsored by National Auditing Administration. Mrs. Wang, on behalf of PCCC, briefly reported their study framework and findings. Prof. Wang also introduced latest progress of NAU Team. She said that her team was going to further the study in terms of risks, financial factors, preferences of investment areas from the perspective of internal auditing and risk control. She also expressed sincere hope that PCCC could provide us first-hand cases and materials of overseas investment.

At last, Prof. You hoped that by cooperation between academic society and practical sessions, both sides would make reliable and valuable study reports in the short future.