*News Report on Visiting Practice Tutors and Conducting Survey in China New Type Housing Group
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In the afternoon of Jan. 18, 2016, Prof. Wang xuerong and Prof. Chen yanjiao of Nanjing Audit University ( hereinafter referred to as NAU), with their students, paid a visit to China New Type Housing Group ( hereinafter referred to as CNTHG). Vice General Manager, Chief Accountant of CNTHG Deng Xianbo shared his practical experience and his unique views about overseas auditing on state-owned assets and internal auditing work.

At first, Mr. Deng briefly introduced the current status of CNTHG, including its history, business scope, business scale, future development and so on. Later. Mr. Deng put forward his points of views on how the enterprises of our country go out, how they could hedge risks and how they could increase profits. Mr. Deng held that legal and politic risks should be taken into consideration when conducting foreign-related project; he thought that state-owned enterprises should first complete internal control system and perfect corporate governance so as to maintain and increase the value of assets. In terms of focus of auditing on overseas projects, he said, firstly all items of accounts of overseas projects should meet the domestic requirements; secondly, risks should be controlled from various angles in that some risks, such as political risks, can not be avoided only from finance perspective. Mr. Deng also put that some behaviors of state-owned enterprises are not entirely market-oriented, but national strategy-oriented. Therefore, when evaluating the success of a project, we should look at the investment in a longer time and from developmental viewpoint. Similarly, when estimating an enterprise, financial index is not the only thing taken into consideration, but also social responsibility, environmental protection, business ethics.

Later, Mr. Deng shared a series of regulations of overseas capital management of his company, which are the precious experience from their real work, such as management of no bill expenses and details of overseas staff administration. He recommended the advanced management regulations from Japan and German.

Prof. Chen put forward a question that how to look at the internal auditing work from the perspective of the administrator of an enterprise. Mr. Deng responded that functions of internal auditing were non-substitutable and could not be ignored. Some famous enterprises, like Heilan Home and Qia Qia Group, do good job in internal auditing.

At last, Prof, Wang said that the cooperation of project study and post-graduate education between universities and enterprises should be reinforced so as to achieve win-win results. In spite of sufficient human resources, universities lack real cases, statistics and experience when conducting project study. In the meantime, universities should stick to problem-oriented study methods and focus on the issues that need to be settled urgently in practical circles.