*CIA exam online counseling briefing and open process
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                 CIA exam online counseling briefing and open process

1. Introduction

CIA exam online counseling consists of two columns for each subject exam: lectures and simulation, the content of which were jointly produced by the China Institute of Internal Audit and Beijing ZETA Investment Consultants Co. LTD., authoritative and reliable.

The lectures will be delivered by the leading experts in the CIA with many years of counseling experience, based on exam syllabus and the latest requirements, combined with typical example analysis. This comprehensive and systematic lecture will enable trainees to quickly master the exam knowledge points. There are 5 sets of simulation exam and one set of random comprehensive exam for each subject, which can help students quickly adapted to the real exam status. The course is effective within one year since the date of the course purchase. Please pay attention to the deadline and go online learning before the deadline.

According to "Internal auditors follow-up education (Trial)", class hours auditors spend on the online courses within the Association can be accepted in the follow-up internal audit staff education and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) follow-up education and training. Each course (complete learning seminars and simulation exams are required) needs 14 learning hours, and single lecture or simulated exam for each course needs 7 hours, so there are totally 42 class hours for three courses. One week after a course is purchased, trainees can require to print certificates of class hours in the Certificate Center.

2. How to register

Login China Institute of Internal Audit Network Training Homepage (edu.ciia.com.cn), click "Register" at the top right of the window and fill in the relevant information following the system instructions. After registration is completed, the system will automatically generate a student ID number as an index for identification service management system. The institute will service you according to your information and ID number.

3. Charges




4. Payment and use

1) Alipay / Online bank: Go into course center, and click Purchase  pay online, and the course opens immediately.

2) Bank remittance:


Used for: CIA training

Postscript: Your ID number, CIA training, telephone.

Example: 13485, CIA training, 13691234567.

Go into the course center and choose the course, and click Purchase. Choose Bank transfer, click Pay now, and pay in the following manner. And add your student ID, phone number, and highlight CIA training in the chosen content of the course.. Please fax the remittance stub as soon as possible after the bank transfer to the Vocational Education Department in the institute, or scan, take pictures, and send an email to ciatn@126.com Meanwhile, in order to avoid missing stub information or unclear faxes so that it will delay your use, please indicate on the margin again the postscript information and the amount of remittance. We will email provisioning information within one working day after receipt of the fax message/email.

If trainees need invoices, they can enter the course center and click Purchase. After the generation of an order, check order invoice on the upper right corner. After the receipt of the fees, we will send you an invoice. If more than one trainee wants a unified invoice, please do not check order invoice. After all trainees complete their payment, they can list their ID numbers, course types, the corresponding amount of money, invoice title, mailing address, recipient and contact person, etc., and mail the message to ciatn@126.com, we will manually handle the mail.

Note: If in doubt, contact your administrator of the network tutoring system.

Tel: 010-82199869(Mon.-Fri.)

E-mail: ciatn@126.com