The report of exchange life in Italy in 2015
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                          Du Yuwen   Bao Ying

A period of six months in Italy passed quickly. Now thinking back to that time, I am deeply touched.

I stil remember when I just decided to head for Italy, my heart was full of expect and happiness. But shortly afterwards, I found the difficulty what we met with was beyond my expectation, such as getting a visa, booking the flight, contacting the school in Italy and so on, just to get the learning agreement from the university of Pisa, we spent almost one month. Until I finally got on the plane at that moment, I think things were over and I would enjoy the time in Italy. Unexpectedly, that was just a start.

On learning ways, first is the choice of the of courses. The university of Pisa will provide a schedule for us to choose the right course. Which is divided into two categories, one is the graduate student course, another is undergraduate courses, the undergraduate course of English teaching is less. When choosing courses we first should consider our acceptance of courses, then consider our interest in courses, etc. We can change the credit in Italy back to domestic credit in our own school, so in the process of learning we can't have the slightest slack.

We take a total of three classes, although before going to Italy, I have predicted that studying abroad and domestic study way is very different. It wasn't until go to class at the university of Pisa that I feel the so-called different deeply. Compared with domestic big classroom, their classroom often accommodate only twenty or thirty people, or even less. But it is only the difference on intuitive, during the class, the teacher often organization more group discussion, debate, speech. When the teacher in the teaching of the cost of capital calculation, will discuss the rapidly developing countries, stability and development of risk-free interest rate should be how to adjust values of the country, many market multi-currency company should choose which area of risk-free interest rate. So they pay more attention to the teaching of process, not the final result, the goal is to make students more involved in the classroom, develop their own views on an economic case. Long-term exam-oriented education has caused our habit of paying more attention to results, only pay attention to the model of the purposes and not to pay attention to model the principle behind with details. In the group discussion, I clearly feel that the foreigners are more active and with more enthusiasm, when appear inconsistent views, they will go to debate, and then find a balance. In addition to these, I also noticed that some interesting phenomenon, when a lot of professors' lectures will mention the word "China". For example, when we take the courses of << business and society>>, the teacher has mentioned apple foxconn case. Professors , of course, there are good side and bad side, hearing good, I feel heartfelt pride for my country, not good, I know everything will become more reasonable. At recess to communicate with foreigner classmates and let me see the eyes of a foreigner in China. Happy learning life in campus is always passed quickly, soon came to the final, but the first test form let us surprise. On test day the teacher didn't take anything, only with a computer, then we know this subject exam form is defense, after the exam I was deeply aware of my oral English need to be greatly improved to answer the teacher's question without stumbling. On the teacher, there are a little disappointed, the teacher wasn't as good as I thought, but then think about it, It seems to be the teacher no people said anything about Italy is better than China's. Of course, we also encountered many difficulties in the learning process. Italian teacher's English is not particularly registrations, so we will continue to ask the teacher or classmates some content that  we did not really understand, seeing the teacher courseware also will encounter difficulties, the need to cut it again in English, but all these difficulties can be overcome.

Schools also provide the convenience to students as much as possible in terms of learning, teaching building of network coverage across the board. Library every day will clean up some books, these books are relatively old, that some books to read a lot of wear, and some few books to read, the administrators will put these books in the library door shelf, as a gift to all the students like books, it can promote cultural connotation of the school. Students can surf the Internet query at any time consulting in the teaching building there is a lot of food, meet the students in class for a long period of time, recess drink milk to drink coffee to eat bread. This half a year time with no rush past test, in addition to enjoy the class and travel, I continue to see my lack of ability in learning and life, reorganize the study life in the future. This is a very good for precipitation and thinking of life, I very cherish this period of time.

In addition to study, I also want to talk about something else in Italy. First of all is accommodation. Because the university of Pisa does not provide accommodation to exchange students, we can only rent a house outside. The senior have rent the apartment which is shared with a Chinese graduate student. The apartment is a little far from the school and will take us more than 30 minutes by walk. It means that we need to go out for class an hour earlier. Although the apartment is relatively far from the school, it is in the center of Pisa and close to the Leaning Tower. As we all know, the tower is famous all around the world. When it comes to Pisa, the city which we live and study, there are too much words I want to describe it. The city is a little bit small but peaceful. The buildings are well preserved, which seem to have received the magnificence of the Ancient Rome. The people there are all kind enough. The food is delicious. Last but not the least, the teachers and students in the university are all helpful. In a word, it is a lovely city and I want to go there again several years later.

In order to save money, we usually went to the supermarket to buy rice, meat and vegetables when we did not have class and then cooked in the apartment. In Italy, having a meal needs to spend too much time, naturally need more money (the money for seat is needed during dinner, but tip is not necessary). Italian usually start their dinner at seven in the evening, sometimes even at eight. For formal dinner , everyone will have three courses, and the dinner will last two to three hours. However, it isn't the end. Italians like sitting outside, drinking and chatting. It seems that they can chat with friends until the morning. It's no wonder they will get up late the next day. From my point of view, Italian are a little bit lazy (I hope that what I say will not make them angry). In China, the store will open until ten at night, but in Italy, supermarkets close at eight, then it is time for them to enjoy life. What is more, the stores will not open until ten in the morning and close at 5 in the afternoon. They also have a rest during lunch for about two hours. It seems to be impossible in China. Chinese are almost diligent to earn more money. But for Italian, comfort is the first and then money. What is necessary to be mentioned is that Italians are so friendly. If you are in the restaurant and cannot understand the dishes what are described Italian, they will try their best even use body language to make you know. Most Italians are not good at English, but you can hear ‘Ciao’ anytime and anywhere. It means ‘Hello’ in English.

Fortunately, Italy is a member of European Union, so when we have the visa, we can go to many other countries. During the Easter holiday and after the final exam, we travelled to nine countries and felt the culture what is different from China. In Italy, the trains often delay, sometimes the train will break down on the road, what you can do is sitting and waiting for perhaps three hours. I know that it will make you mad but you have no choice but to wait. Moreover, compared to China, the life abroad is actually not safe. Once we flew from Rome to Istanbul in Turkey, less than two minutes before the plane flew, three people sitting in front of us opened the emergency door and all jumped suddenly. People were all screaming. Travel, what means danger and unknown, but it is always attractive to me. Travel and study make my exchange life in Italy more fulfilling. I had not gone outside for so long time since I born, but I adapted to the exchange life in Italy and enjoyed it.

During this half year, I also travelled to many places, feel the culture and art in France, the feel of the magnificent buildings and grand in Spain, in Germany felt the church luxuriant with big air, see the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains in Austria and Switzerland. Read thousands of books, travelling, along the way, feel the culture of different countries, feel different geographical features, had all kinds of friends, harvest quite abundant.

Special thanks to the school and the teacher gave me this a chance to go abroad to communicate, let me to feel a new world, explore new life. University of time is very short, what we can only do is, to live in the present moment, happy will come naturally!