CHEN Yanjiao
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CHEN Yanjiao

Sex:  Female

TitleAssociate professor   Ph.D   CIA

Nanjing Audit University, School of International Audit , Director of Internal Audit, Doctor Degree, Tutor for the Master’s degrees,   IAEP Coordinator.

Specialty: Internal Audit Theory & Practice, Internal Audit Control & Practice, Financial Control Theory & Practice


Undergraduate course:  Internal Audit, Internal Control, Government Audit, International Finance, International Settlement

Master’s course:  Corporate Governance and Internal Auditing




Responsible for the Internal Audit Course and Internal Control Course, Trainer of China Internal Audit Association and Provincial Audit Association.

In charge of enterprises annual training  of  state-owned enterprises and  institutions, such as China Agricultural  BankAgricultural  development Bank , Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Chongqing, Great Wall Asset Management Company, China Chemical International, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Ocean Group, China Arms Group, China North Industries  Group corporation, Media Group, Qinghai Oil ,  Anhui Agricultural  Credit, TBEA, Aluminum China,  YunNan Construction and engineering Group etc.

In charge of 8 projects of Internal Audit, hosted by  National Audit Office , Ministry of Agriculture, National Commission of Health& Birth Control, Department of Education in Jiangsu Province, Enterprises Group etc

In charge of 5  institutional-level researches; participating 20 projects , having published 40 articles in professional magazines such as “ Economic Trends “, “Audit Research” .

Responsible for Internal Audit Educational Partnership , member of International Internal Audit Association, Member of China Audit Association, Member of Jiangsu Audit Association, Researcher International Information System Audit Association, distinguished researcher of  China Countryside Financial and Investment Center , member of China poverty-aid policy , National -level Asian- pacific Cooperation Project  Consultant, Member of the evaluation and review specialist in  bureau of reclamation of Ministry of Agriculture project examination , Member of Internal Audit of National Health and Birth Control Commission



1Internal Audit basic theory , 2012

2.   Internal Audit in the Health and Sanitary system operation guide ,2012

3. Environmental uncertainty, opportunist, and capital budget empiric research,2011



1. The research on the development and innovation of internal audit in the Health and Birth-Control System, side view based on the supply chain; China Audit Journal, May 11, 2016

2. Goal theory of action auditTheory and case study & analysisFriends of the accountants, 201609

3. Mutation and rotation of Internal auditors: analysis based on the questionnaire; Audit Digest 201510)(published on the 7th edition of “ China Internal Audit”; reprinted by “Audit Digest” -full text as cover page

4. The increased organization value analysis of Public Security Audit on the background of big data — Jiangsu Public Security Auditing Department; China Internal Audit201503

5Risk management research of micro-credit in commercial bank , China Internal Audit201310

6.  The research on the basic audit theory in the Chinese style socialism ; Economics dynamics; 201212

7. The relationship in the internal audit reportsAnchoring effect and cultural Path theory, Modern Finance ;201212

8. The classified professional research in the internal audit——analysis based on the questionnaires ; Economic research& reference 201211

9. Internal audit’s value-adding analysis based on game playing 20122

10.Higher education graduates’ thesis reform , Jiangsu Higher Education, 20115

11.The communication channel between Internal auditor and the company executives. Internal audit20112

12. The research& work on the Internal audit commented  by auditors. China chartered accountant 8

13. The training trend of the audit talents -IAEP; Nanjing Audit University, undergraduate talent cultivation solution (2009.Time Economic Publisher ;2010

14. Analysis and judgment of the alert of   financial crisis in the state-owned farms,   China Agriculture Accountant20093

15.The path study of realization of the immune system applied in  Financial Audit20093

16.The risk taken by the importers in the transferable letter of credit, China Internal Audit 2007(9)

17.The research on  the alert of  financial crisis in the  Stated-owned farms based on factor analysis,  Economic Issue ;2007(5)

18. The construction of the quantified system analysis on the alert of  financial crisis in the  Stated-owned farms ,China Agricultural Economic Comments2007(2)

19. The analysis of the risk transmission of financial crisis in the Enterprises, China Audit Journal,2006(8)

20. The cause and prevention of the financial crisis in agricultural enterprises, China Agricultural Accountant,2006(7)

21. The strategy, the problems and status quo in the foreign investment in China Agriculture, World Agriculture,2005(2)

22. The reflection on the perfection of the new medical care model  in countryside, China Audit Journal,2005(12)

23. Agricultural land evaluation and compensation, China Agriculture,2005(4)

24.Battle of wits,  the analysis on the skills applied in  the enterprises combination,2005(5)

25. The reflection of the audit efficiency of the commercial bank loans, China Audit Journal,2004(12)

26. Discussion on the letter of credit business in China, China Strategy Reference,2004(3)

27.The reflection of the bi-lingual teaching in the major finance in higher education ,  Market Weekly,2004(3)

28. The conflit caused by the ‘overdue bills’, Foreign Economic Affairs,2004(3)

29. Comments on the Japanese solution of the out-of-economic crisis  ; Japan Study ,2004(1)

30. Does it need a statement for the bills presented in due time, China Foreign Currency; 2004(1)

31. Main factors influence China personal housing loans, Shandong Industry and commercial Journal,2003(5)

32.The reflection of the “missing” bills in  International Trade settlement ,  Foreign Economy and trade affairs,2003(9)

33. Why student  loans distributed by the States develop so slowly? China Audit Journal , China Audit Journal,2003(12)

34.The reflection of the  missing  international settle bill, China Audit Journal,2003(6)

35.The reflection of the personal credit in China , Market weekly20031

36. Comments on the banks’ client manager system, Audit and economic study,20016

37. Comments on the Hongkong Linked exchange rate, Finance and Trade,19995

38. The influence in the application of Euro on Chinese Market,19985


I.Project hosted:

1.State Health and Birth-control Commission Project ;  The method and research of the internal audit in Health and Birth-control System 2015.09-2016.10

2.China National Audit Office 2015-2016, internal audit, the research on the  audit cheating (1507)2015.08-2016.09Host

3. How to use international platform to educate Chinese audit talent :, Jiangsu Province 2015 , research on the educational reform and practical project : 2015(JGLX15_167),2015.07-2017.07host

4. Entrusted by Zhejiang Tianze Audit Information Consulting Ltd , Internal audit course video recording2015.0106host

5. China National Audit Office’s key project from 2012-2013Chinese style socialism audit theory research (12SJ04001),2012.06-2013.06,

6. Entrusted by China Southern Power Grid, the research one the internal audit system,2013.07-2013.12,

7. Entrusted by the Health Department, The operation and guide of the Internal Audit in the health system2011.4—2012.9, host

8. The research on the education mode for internal audit talents, IAEP project operation and inspiration (J2012001)201211-201311, host

9The project building up of the Chinese version for master degree students : Enterprise management and internal audit (YJS12012),2012.06-2014.12,

10The project lancing  of the English version for master degree students : Enterprise management and internal audit  (YJS12016),2012.06-2014.12

11. Jiangsu higher education science -politics’ major project : China Internal Audit development strategy study ;2010-201212sub-project responsible

12.Jiangsu Educational Commission 2010.07-2012.06host

13.Entrusted by the Agricultural Ministry, the alert system research on the financial crisis in the agricultural enterprises ,2005.07—2007.07host

14.Project of Nanjing Audit University, the research on the  risk of the financial loan dominated by Agricultural policy 2005.05—2006.05host

15.Project of Nanjing Audit University, bilingual education, international settlement2002.06-2004.06; host

II. Projects participated:

1China Huaneng Group, Internal Audit Organization reforms2010-2011participant

2The Educational Commission of Jiangsu province , 2009the research on the quality problem in Internal Audit based on the audit action from the subjective perspective first participant

3National Audit Office, Government Audit and the security of national economy2008.07—2009.07 participant

4National Social Science funds project; The supporting policy for the economic transform in the resource exhausted region and area , based on the complicated scientific perspective, 2007.06—2009.06fourth participant

5Post-doctor Science Fund , the research on the policy of agricultural insurance system and the farmers risk aversion needs 2007.04---2009.04third  participant

7Nanjing Audit University, research on the docking system after the changement of bank operational mode and financial audit after China’s joining WTO2003——2004second participant

8Nanjing Audit University new century educational reform, second  phase; financial talent cultivation research,2003.12—2004.01, first participant  

9Nanjing Audit University new century educational reform, first phase project, simulation software used in international settlement2002.04—2005.12major participant

10The Education Commission of Jiangsu Province, the risk and risk control of the E-solution and computerize    financial solutions2000.07—2002.11third paticipant

11Jiangsu province, science-politics project :  positivism method  applied in no arbitrage balance analysis in China; 2000.07—2002.12the third participant

12Nanjing Audit University project, the state loan for the study support 2000—2002.10first participant