Welcome university of Pretoria in South Africa
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On September 3, IAEP elite university university of Pretoria in South Africa was one of the representative plante couple to visit our school. At nine o 'clock in the morning, our school IAEP program and plante couple in pukou campus sensitive line five floor conference room, just two schools IAEP cooperation held a symposium. , vice President of the school, IAEP Yin Ping by team leader, the trial court dean, IAEP deputy team leader, commissioner of the development plan, Zeng Xiaohong IAEP project team deputy team leader and other IAEP project team members attended the meeting in our school. Yin Ping and alvin's lady are introduced, vice President of the nanjing audit university and the university of Pretoria in South Africa, including the two schools of professional Settings, international cooperation and communication, etc. Zeng Xiaohong, director of the progress of IAEP program in our school are analysed in detail. Then the two sides have specific IAEP cooperation are discussed, mainly including visits, exchange of teachers, students, etc. Alvin her reference to the international association of internal audit type IIA "sharing to promote progress" the idea, said very willing to work with our school for academic cooperation and exchange activities, and thanked for our warm reception. Afternoon, plante couple respectively the international audit university teachers and students, financial university teachers and students to do the academic lectures on international internal auditing. On September 4th, plante couple in the IAEP accompanied the team leader, a visit to the showroom and characteristic education exhibition in our school library, money, have further understanding of our school. Noon, met plante couple director Wang Jiaxin, welcomed the their visit, and said to promote the cooperation and exchanges in the both sides. Afternoon, plante couple respectively with the international university of audit, has carried on the discussion of accounting university teachers and academic exchanges.

News background:

1, the University of Pretoria in South Africa (University of Pretoria) is a one hundred - year - old university in South Africa, there are 11 universities, 139, is one of South Africa's largest public universities and universities, and IAEP elite partners of the project. September 2, 7 years, nanjing audit university level achieved IAEP project cooperation partners, and in the audit learn professional opened IAEP project audit principles, required by the government auditing, IT audit and other 7 core professional courses. Future nanjing audit university will also from the audit professional construction, minor, and open the IAEP advanced three modes as well as cooperation with universitys and universities, enterprises and other professional various channels such as the training of specialists in the field of IAEP program in our school.