Welcome professor Gerrit Johannes
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On April 28th, Yin Ping ,a Holland Rotterdam Gerrit Johannes professor at the Erasmus University's visited international audit institute. Professor Yin, our vice professor,attended the welcome ceremony. Professor Gerrit and Professor Shiqiao Zheng, Professor Chen Danping ,the dean of the vice president made cooperation talks to make a further cooperation between the two universities in IAEP related personnel (internal audit education partnership) project. Professor Gerrit also specifically gave a lecture on the "Auditing between strategy and change" to teachers and students in International Auditing School,which winning the praise of teachers and students.

Links: Rotterdam Erasmus University (Erasmus) is the IIA (International Institute of internal auditors) under IAEP five elite level (the highest level) of the school.The school was built in 1913,which is a public university, continued to be in front of all kinds in the world university rankings .